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Music To the World exists to make quality Worship Music available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime throughout the world subject to the conditions of use stated below.

Churches, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Private Groups, Clubs or Societies may make use of the material Music To the World offers.

Permission is given for the above groups to download Music To the World material for use in the following non-profit circumstances: concerts, worship, celebrations, social occasions or similar events.

Subject to the credits of Music To the World appearing on each copy made; overhead transparencies, scores and music samples may be photocopied, duplicated, altered, arranged or recorded for the purpose of rehearsal and performance with whom the material is to be used.

In most countries, (including but not limited to The United States of America and Australia), the original works of songwriters are protected against abuse by Federal law.

Music To the World does not give permission for any person, group or organisation to use its resources for personal profit or gain without having first secured written approval to do so from Music To the World .

Any circumstance which involves the sale of Music To the World's material or materials, must have written approval from Music To the World . Any event where people are charged a fee to hear Music To the World's material or materials must have written approval from Music to the World . Any situation where Music To the World's material is rearranged for personal profit or gain, or resale or advancement of any particular group or groups, requires written approval from Music To the World .

Without such approval, an offence under law occurs thus potentially making such individual or individuals liable to prosecution.

All readers of this statement are encouraged to use our materials in accordance with the spirit Music To the World operates under; to be a non-profit organisation of service, spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, through music, at no cost, to all who would hear.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to gain permission for use of material or to clarify conditions of use.

Music To the World is particularly keen to hear of any use of material which actively promotes the Christian gospel or purposefully strives to glorify the name of Jesus Christ, the son of the living God.

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